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Your Website Absolutely Needs an SEO Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the algorithmic way search engines such as Google and Yahoo! find your business on the web. There are, of course, many ways to make your web site’s presence known, such as using business solutions such as Yelp, Google Business, and even online advertising, but SEO strategies are a tried and true way of driving traffic to your web site based on an end user’s search keywords.

When the internet was fresh and new, SEO was essentially the only way to direct traffic to your web site, and SEO was much easier to implement and maintain. All you would really need to do was create content and add metadata to your pages. Today, SEO is much more complicated. Regular revisions to content and metadata based on researched analytics is key to ranking high in searches. There is now quite a bit of logic and science behind the way SEO is implemented and maintained on web sites, which is why it is absolutely necessary to look for a reputable SEO company to help your business and its web site succeed.

Brands are constantly competing for the same space, so SEO can often make or break a company. When consumers search for what you’re offering, they’re rarely going to scroll through dozens of pages of search results to find your site. In fact, if your site doesn’t appear above the fold on the first page, chances are, you can forget about converting a new customer. Strategic SEO can help your site get on page 1 of the search results.

A top quality SEO company will learn everything about your brand, including what makes it unique, what the market research says about it, and the best keywords and descriptions to use in order to make your web site rank high. There’s a lot of research put into this strategy, and most brand owners aren’t fully aware of what it takes to implement the best SEO services.

One thing you have to realize is that SEO is in constant motion. Without regular research, a web site can stay in limbo while its competitors are getting all of the hits. For instance, a blog article will become static if it sits for too long without regular updates. One of the strategies an SEO company might employ will be to return to past blog articles on a regular basis, update them with researched-based metadata and content, and refresh them or even repost them to make your site more relevant then look for some guest posts or pbn links to promote that content. Most business owners wouldn’t know where to begin, never mind they probably wouldn’t have the time to keep updating past articles.

A reputable outreach service will fully understand the landscape of the changing internet. There are tools such as Google Analytics they will regularly use in order to understand market trends, the most common searches, consumer preferences, and so forth. Remember fidget spinners? Imagine how SEO strategies turned a passing fad into a huge enterprise. Sure, the toys’ popularity had an organic beginning, but once their value was recognized, SEO and other strategies were used to push their demand into the stratosphere. Today, the world relies on search engines to tell them what’s popular and fashionable, and if you’ve got the next big thing, don’t let outdated SEO strategies stand in the way of your business getting the customers it deserves.

Finally, understand that SEO strategies do take time to implement, but over the long haul, SEO will mean more organic reach for your web site. Even in today’s world of never-ending online advertisements, organic search results continue to prevail in being the primary source of all site traffic. Utilizing an SEO company that will get you results means that your web site will eventually get more traffic just from search engines, and this often means free traffic, thus more revenue. True, you’ll have to pay for SEO, but SEO tends to be cheaper than paid ads over the long run, and the better the SEO strategies implemented, the better your web site will do.

As part of your business plan, hiring an SEO company should be a priortiy. Today, more businesses are found through organic search than ever before. It used to be that “location, location, location” was the business mantra of the brick-and-mortar store, but today many customers may simply come to you because they found you on the web. With good SEO, you will likely see an increase in business and a more profitable company.

House of Cards: An ill-fated finale

House of Cards was one of Netflix’ earliest shows which helped put the streaming giant on the map. The story centres on the underbelly of American politics, putting us in the headspace of Frank Underwood as he pursues his Shakespearean ascent to power. Over the course of its run, it consistently drew on a steady number of loyal viewers and an overwhelmingly positive reception from the critics.

Yet, like a house of cards, all of this came to a quick and utter collapse when its lead actor Kevin Spacey became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, coming off the coattails of the #metoo movement that took Hollywood by storm. Sadly, his departure had an inevitable and ultimately fatal effect on the show itself.

Needless to say, the entire season suffers from this, though we can hardly blame them as the writing team had to work with the tools they had. Spacey’s departure forced the writers to come up with a way reason to write him off the show. They did it by killing off his character offscreen. Though necessary, given the circumstances, it ultimately killed the momentum that the entire show was building towards.

Let it be made clear, the performances remained strong with the final season. The standout performance was, of course, that of Robin Wright in her role as President Claire Hale-Underwood. This season, she inevitably took the spotlight as she tumbled down the rabbit hole of her own, dealing with the fallout of the previous seasons and the legacy of Frank Underwood on her life. However, poor writing and uneven pacing inevitably bog down an otherwise great performance.